About Me And The Kook

m Kavita & Welcome to Kook!

I love food… And I live to eat.  As a child, I loved to watch my mum cook and devoured her recipe books with my brother.  With great energy and passion for food, we would scour recipes, plan intricate menus, experiment and create. Of course, sometimes we would succeed and at other times, there would be a complete mess.  Nevertheless, that is how I learned to look at several recipes, tailor and alter them to create my own version.  From Julia Child to Gastronomique, Gordon Ramsey to Heston Blumenthal and all the amazing blogs out there, I’m inspired by everything.

My life changed 9 months ago when my husband and I welcomed our little munchkin into this world.  Gone were the days where I could spend an entire day in the kitchen, experimenting and cooking up feasts.   I wanted to cook fresh and eat fresh but as a new mum, I needed to maximize on the little time I had in the kitchen to produce equally delicious meals. I strongly believe that what you are is what you eat and therefore stay away from processed and heavily fat-laden meals.  That’s not to say that my recipes do not generously use butter, full-fat cheeses, and creams etc. It’s a sin in itself not to use those!

Cooking should be enjoyable but in a world where our time is scarce, we have to maximize on the little time we have to spend in the kitchen.  Whether you have 1 hour or 15 minutes, you’ll find recipe options to best suit you along with preparation tips and a variety of cooking methods for adults, babies & children.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I’ve enjoyed preparing the recipes for you!

Happy eating!